Are you searching for jQuery Plugin, touch friendly Develpments or some Tools for Webdevelopers? This is the right Place to be!

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Here some informations about this site, me and what I want to share to you.

Wo I am?

I'm a Webdesigner from Germany. I test many things out, to learn more and more about new styles, arts and development methods. My daily work is, as you possibly think, right in this business, I design webpages. But thats not enough, I want to learn more... so maybe you.

What is this site for?

Mostly this page is for testing new things out. But I also want to share my experience and projects to you. There will be a blog and tutorials upcoming in the future. Check everything and decide if you either like or don't like my work. Feel free to donate my work.

My Projects


Touch enabled Sidebar Plugin based on jQuery. You can easily create a fully functional and well customizable Sidebar within only a few steps.


useful Tools to make webdesign a bit easier!
Here you will find a collection of Tools you may need to create Web contents. This collection will grow with each tool I think is usful and witch you could also need.